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A Nordplus funded intensive programme (IP) designed in Helsinki, taking place in Porvoo Finland 2023 (20.03 – 24.03). SPRINTINHEL follows the SPRINT process invented by Jake Knapp and explained in this best selling book Sprint.

The five day Sprint challenge

The Design Sprint is a five-day process for solving problems and testing new ideas. SPRINTINHEL follows the SPRINT process invented in Google by Jake Knapp and explained in his best selling book Sprint.

Monday: Map

On Monday, teams make a map of the problem.


Tuesday: Sketch

On Tuesday, each individual sketches solutions.


Wednesday: Decide

On Wednesday, teams decide which sketches are strongest.

Thursday: Prototype

On Thursday, teams build a realistic prototype.

Friday: Test

On Friday, teams test that prototype with five target customers.

Friday: Present

Finally teams present their results.

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

A client will be chosen for the Sprint and students will solve a problem the client is currently grappling with.

Kick off: SPRINTINHEL will move to Porvoo Finland for 2023. Dates: 20.03 - 24.03.2023








Students’ Work

Our students work hard over the week, developing ideas, coming up with solutions to difficult problems and presenting their recommendations to the client.

Learning diary blog

Each student group creates a learning diary blog or entry for a day of their learning experiences during the week.

Previous years blog examples below

Students & Client Companies

We have organised other Nordplus IPs around entrepreneurship and innovation and here is what our student & clients had to say about the experience.

“We gained real knowledge in understanding how business actually works, how to use the Lean Canvas and to come up with innovative solutions.”

Student Nordplus Lean Startup IP Iceland

We gained lot of innovative ideas and business models for our goal of encouraging increased sustainability in the North-East of Iceland with better utilization of resources and increased knowledge of how the community, the environment and economy can function together.

Albertina Fr. Eliasdottir

General Director, Eimur Iceland

Academically the course has raised my interest in many aspects of business innovation and market segmentation principles.  A total eye opener

Student Nordplus Lean Startup IP Iceland

I was impressed with the students review of our business and recommendations on how Lean Startup methodologies could aid our business to grow and enter international markets.

Miks Balodis

CEO , Miks Balodis

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