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About Sprint


Follow us and learn the SPRINT process.

How it works

The big idea with the Design Sprint is to build and test a prototype in just five days. We’ll take our student teams, clear the schedule for a week, and rapidly progress from problem to tested solution using a proven step-by-step checklist.

The Decider

A key member of the client company will join as the decider in the Sprint Process. He or she will have the final say on many key decisions.


Lecturers will take turns to facilitate the Sprint process and guide teams through the 5 day Sprint challenge.

Time & Space

A productive learning environment will be used with specialised learning tools.

Online Learning & Collaboration

SPRINTINHEL will use Microsoft Teams as the learning environment. Participating lecturers should request access to the MS Teams environment.

Sprint book

Check out the Sprint book and review the resources below to prepare for SPRINTINHEL.

Google Ventures Design Sprint

Design Sprint Kit

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