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Receiving the client task

Sunday was our Pizza night and team building evening but a few days beforehand the client task was released to the teams. Check out the video.



Day 1 Monday  

Today was the start of SPRINT-week. We had our introductions yesterday (sunday) so today’s theme was mapping: both the client’s problem but also the end goal. 


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Day 1 Monday  

Today was the start of SPRINT-week. We had our introductions yesterday (sunday) so today’s theme was mapping: both the client’s problem but also the end goal. 

As a team we collaborated with complete ease after a few minutes warm-up. We had no problem starting discussions and letting everybody take space for their opinions and questions. We found it very easy to socialize and are quite glad we all got put in the same group. 

Our first draft. Our Long-term goal for our client and the risks. 


As we said today was about mapping 

Our first individual maps. 

We started the day with some more information about our client; the Finnish company Cesim. Cesim is a business simulation games company whose clientele focus is educators and corporate trainers. 

We had the opportunity to question both the CEO and his personnel in France, China and UK which gave us as teams the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the problem and obstacles to better adapt and rephrase our teams long time goals and risks.  

We used an application named Mural which will be our main tool through this week. 

No one in my team had used this before so throughout the day we perfected our skills and got used to handling Mural. We also improved our social skills as a team, our fast thinking and decision making as we always were on a time crunch. 

The results of the day weren’t surprising as we all came in with a pair of fresh eyes ready to soak up the information. We did feel a bit lost at times during the day as did the instructors but nothing stopped us from working on our parts. 

We were surprised how easy it was to get into a team thinking and supporting each other’s opinions. 

To complete today’s task we focus on working together as a team and both taking and letting teammates put up ideas and space during the passing of the day. 

To summarize the first day it was quite frustrating and confusing at the start, but as we got into the SPRINT-thinking we found it so motivating and fun. Many of us felt intimidated by the whole SPRINT day by day agenda, but as we got into it it was quite easy and motivating!  

I’ve added a few pictures of our progress and spitballing and how we made that into a Map with a goal, HMW question and a User. 


End of the day progress. Our first-draft map. 

Perceived by The Coffee addicts  

written by Luna Spariosu with commentary from the  

Team members: 

Axel Keil 

Luna Spariosu 

Tia Viitanen 

Linus Guseff 

Bergdís Rún Jónasdóttir 

Neda Jarasunaite 



Day 2 Tuesday 

Today was the second day of the SPRINT-week. We had our first day yesterday where we had to collaborate quite a lot, so today’s focus was on individual tasks.


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Day 2 Tuesday 

Our team consists of six students: Undīne, Laure, Karel, Zahida, Stella and Noora and the team’s name is Mountain crew, because what we all have in common is that we like hiking, skiing, or snowboarding in the mountains.

Today was the second day of the SPRINT-week. We had our first day yesterday where we had to collaborate quite a lot, so today’s focus was on individual tasks.

We started the day with creating our own lightning demos and that was something we all enjoyed as we could be as creative as we wanted. Before the demo we all did research for inspiration, and the source of inspiration could be from any industry as taking examples from outside of our client’s industry could generate better ideas. The next step was for each person to present their ideas and we noticed that we all were not on the same direction anymore and that was really the first time it occurred in our group, but many discussions later we finally landed on a solution and a direction we all could agree on. 

After lunch, we were on our own to sketch an individual solution. We had all the information we needed from yesterday and this morning, and this afternoon was the time to really create something new. This process of gathering all our thoughts and knowledge that had been assimilated throughout the beginning of the week to sketch an innovative solution required a lot of energy. But surprisingly, it was quite quick. Believe it or not, 90 minutes is enough to go through the whole sketching process and here are the final solutions of today 😊




Day 3 Wednesday 

Today it was Team Randos’ turn to write our Sprintinhel blog. All teams started the day with catching up and everyone’s spirits seemed to be positive and open to the new tasks of the day.

We first went to “Art museum” as teams.

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Day 3 Wednesday 

We first went to “Art museum” as teams. It was for reviewing the separate solutions from
yesterday one by one. We did it in silence so that other team member’s opinions would not
influence our decision making. This was before deciding on the sketch solutions from

 The heat map was a stage, where sticky (green) stickers were given in silence to mark the
interesting parts. Communication is not meant to influence the process in any way. When
giving stickers had started, this was the situation at some point:

 After lunch the Decider’s vote, “Supervote” from CEO of Cesim gives the last say with our
plans. It will give us direction on what we will be doing tomorrow in the prototyping stage.

We were asked valuable questions and received information from him and a few teachers, who came to listen to our presentation. The feedback gave us confirmation on how to proceed.

This was the individual part of starting a storyboard:


By this phase, all our individually made storyboards started to look complementary to each
other. That really made a difference when going in the next phase and illustrating the
storyboard. We were united as a team to collaborate on the storyboard content.
Here is our team’s final storyboard of the day, which we constructed together:

At the end of the day we will all have a Sprintinhel dinner together. What a nice way to end
the day! 🙂

Team Randos
Rokas Liutika
Maria Niemi
Tanveer Singh
Helena Vaikre




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